Found info about WBNY Radio on 6950:

The following was posted on the FRN by Commander Bunny:

The Rodent Revolution was formed in the 1980's by a coalition of members from every rodent family. Mice, Squirrels, beavers, shrews and the most intelligent of the group, the Rabbits. Our goal is to overthrow our oppressers, the Ape-Humans who drool on themselves, listen to shortwave and spend most free moments wanking their willies. We have, in collaboration with the CIA been using mind control methods to confuse and baffle the humans since 1985. Thus the inability to clearly hear our 50,000-watt transmission last night. With the subliminal message that was contained in the numbers transmission, we very easily convinced the Ape-Humans that there was static and a poor signal. You may think this is a joke, yet if you think about all the Used Car Salesmen who make a good living, its clear that you Ape-Humans are easily misled and confused. Why else would you elect another Bush?
Our Secret Numbers transmissions are for the millions of Rodents to stay in communication with each other and for us to issue orders from Commander Bunny to the troops. We are currently gnawing away at the fiber optic lines the cable companies have been installing all over the country. You'll pay attention to the revolution when you can't get your HBO. Any attempt to decode this secret transmission will only lead to more confusion on your part, as witnessed by the poster who claimed he had decoded it. While many of our transmissions are in fact about Al Fansome, they are not about him holding anything. Fansome is one of our Ape-Human operatives who, by way of mind control, does our bidding. Often for giggles we will send him messages late at night to go out and check his tire pressure. We used this same kind of mind control on Pat Robertson in the late 1980's and made him think he could be President. What a maroon. We broadcast at least once a year through WBNY Radio to update Ape-Humans on how much time they have left before the Rodent Rule the Earth. For more information you'll need to insert a very large carrot into the floppy drive of your computer now.
Commander Bunny

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