Log 22 Nov 2011

  950  2343  CKNB Campbelton NB
1140  2359  CBI Sydney NS at times w good signal
1370  2331  WDEA Ellsworth ME w id just as I got on the fq

New antenna is now online and working. Length is now 300 m in 290 degrees. and koax 250 m. I have used the first antenna I used, 100 m, and 200 m new wire. Balun is grounded with 2x1,5 m and 1x1 m long stakes in wett ground. Balun is placed 50 cm from ground in a plastic box on a tree, becouse it often is high water there. The antenna is held by strings, so no coils in the beginning or end. It ends in mid air atm.
I might ad 100 m later.
At the moment the Europe/Africa antenna is offline (no balun). Both the 80 m and 90 m antennas that I have used will be down for a while when a tree is going down, as soon as the neighbor gets back from Spain. Maybe I'll change them for better ground and direction later.

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