Log 28 Nov 2011

4920,002  2300  Xizang PBS, Lhasa strong as always
4939,968  2323  R San Antonio, Atalaya w music and short breaks for 30 min, then id and tlk
4949,752  2300  OID prob R Nal de Angola
4954,996  2300  R Cult Amauta, Huanta w good signal
5120,006  2331  t R Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba  w nice mx
5580,254  2332  t R San José rel px and no id evan at TOH
5921,274  2342  t R Bethel, Arequipa

New antenna is superior on SW, 4940 was only heard on the new. I could hear NA 590 and 930 on both antennas (300 m and 80 m). But new antenna is more quiet on both MW and SW. Euro antenna is still offline. Are preppt for rearranging old antennas now.

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